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Koh Chang - Ban Dan Mai

Probably the best Italian cuisine you can find on the Island

About Tuscany House

A friendly charming establishment tucked away on the Eastern seaboard of Koh Chang Island, Tuscany House serves traditional Italian flavours with innovative finesse. Good Italian is hard to find, especially on Koh Chang. But not impossible. Here you will find the most craveable combinations of Italians pastas, meats and premium cheese; And of course, all dishes are guaranteed true and authentic, complete with an Italian wine list. Check out our weekly Buffet menu above and book your seats today

A respect for ingredients is always my first priority. It is essential. Then, I like to make a clear distinction between the various ingredients, while creating a possibility for them to come together with their different flavours. I always focus on creating emotions. We have given a name to this concept of mine. It is called “Parallels”

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Alberto, 2014 IRON CHEF THAILAND winner

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